Summer *sighs*

I can describe my summer so far in one word: *sigh*. Being an research assistant for one of the profs might have super awesome fantastic benefits in the future, but for now it's boring and tedious and stressful. The weather has been crap, so I can't even take out my bike or enjoy going for walks (snow, in May, seriously!). I'm so busy with work and school that I haven't yet had the chance to see many friends (although Wolverine and sitting around a fire last weekend might signal a change in this wind at least). Plus, I might need to move out, the thought of which is keeping me up at night.
And I miss curling, not necessarily playing it, but watching it and reading the blogs for sure. Fortunately, both TSN and CBC have video archives. Yes, I am about to become one of those people who watch old taped sports games for fun in the off season. Even I think it's pathetic, but it can't be helped - life is just kinda blah right now and I need to do something to coax out the sun...