Red Winged Visitor

The other day, as I was sitting in my 'office' (aka on my bed with my macbook on my lap), I saw this black thing fly by. Could this be the first 'bedroom bug visitor' of the summer? Is it summer? It's cold and snowy in May, so maybe not, but there was a bug in my room nonetheless. And I'm still traumatized from all my 'bedroom bug visitors' in the UK...
I found it on my window, and squished it, but before I did noticed it was not an ordinary bug, one I'd never seen before. It had red wings. I got all creeped out and worried it was poisonous or something else terrifying, and then resolved to hunt it down on the internet.
So, can you imagine what gets returned in Google's image after you plug in 'red wing' bug?
Yeah, so I added 'Alberta' to my search and had a bit more luck. I ended up on an Insects of Alberta site, which is quite amateur-ish, but looking through the pictures helped me to identify my mystery guest. I did, of course, cross reference the material, but kudos to the AB bug man, he was spot on, and oh so very helpful.
Apparently I just killed a Scarlett Malachite Beetle, which is neither poisonous or terrifying. They came over from Europe, and are quite common for a short period of time around May/June in Canada, though apparently quite rare in England. Oops, maybe I shouldn't have killed it? But really, don't animals use bright colours to indicate to predators they are poisonous or otherwise unedible? The last thing I needed was a toxic roommate.
Note to all bugs out there: if you want to stay alive, stay out of my bedroom.


  1. I actually saw someone flying a Detroit Red Wings flag from their car the other bug though. Kinda pretty!


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