Post Problems

Did you know...
It costs $6 to mail a book to Iceland.
And $11 to mail a book to Ontario.
That's the stupidest thing ever! It's right up there with flights being cheaper to England than Toronto. Canada Post is so stupid! They don't offer a small packet option, and apparently that's why there's such a cost discrepancy. Stupid stupid stupid.
If it's any consolation, Royal Mail is stupider. They lost not only my Christmas box with all my presents and DVDs in it in 2004, but also my application to fix my national insurance number for tax purposes in 2007 (and who knows what else in between). I guess even with the stupid postal system, Canada isn't all that bad.


  1. I paid $10 to send a package containing a set of tea pot and mug cozies to Toronto. They were knit and weighed less than kg. I suspected I was being ripped off.


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