CTV Edmonton Open House, Part II

My class this weekend was cancelled, which is majorly inconvenient in many, many ways, but also allows me to have a bit of fun this weekend.
I went to the CTV Edmonton open house today. I've always watched CTV news, so am more than happy to support the local station by jumping on the 'save local TV' bandwagon (more information about the plight of local TV here and here). Apparently about 3000 people came out to the event, which included hot dogs, local talent on stage, and a tour of the station.
The tour was awe-some, well worth the 1.5 hr wait! I love going behind the scenes at places, and the CTV station did not disappoint! The whole tour took about an hour, and we got to see all the technical aspects, as well as meet the news personalities. It was really cool to see all the staff out and about, meeting and talking to everyone. I've been watching CTV news for as long as I can remember, so the personalities are kind of like family. Everyone was super nice, and smaller than they look on air! Except for Dave Mitchell, one of the sports guys, who is just as tall in person as on screen. He also came out with the best line of the day: "Josh, Josh, Josh, it's all about Josh!" (Josh Klassen is the much loved meteorologist). Even the news desk is smaller; I actually got to stand behind the news desk where Carrie Doll and Darryl McIntyre usually sit! Anyways, it was pretty cool to see the station, and I'm super glad my class was cancelled and I got to go.
If you'd like to sign the petition, send an email, or find out how to support local tv stations, check out CTV's page. It's a cause worth getting behind!