Boys vs. Girls

I realized something today...
...I'm turning into a boy.
This is not exactly new knowledge, but something I've been worrying about for awhile, something that was confirmed today (says the girls who is currently 'working on transcript coding' while watching a marathon of Deadliest Warrior on Spike TV).
Let's look at the facts:
- I watch boy TV. I don't watch fashion or home or make-over or romance or gardening or drama shows. I watch bloody, violent and disturbing crime dramas, and M*A*S*H, and space cowboys. And that's just the 'fiction TV' on my list. I also watch tons of Discovery Channel stuff, like Mythbusters and the other science-y shows. I have been known to watch Jurassic Fight Club and am currently enjoying a marathon of Deadliest Warrior. Come on people, this week I watched dinosaurs go to battle, and today I've seen battles between pirates vs knights and the IRA vs the Taliban. I watch Spike TV more than any other channel (although that's because they show 9hrs of CSI repeats, and I do draw the line at UFC).
- I watch boy sports. I'm obsessed with curling, and also enjoy hockey and baseball. Though I used to watch gymnastics and figure skating, I can't be bothered with those sports nowadays. Mostly I require my sports to have ice and/or sticks of some sort. And no music.
- I listen to boy music. I'm a closet Metallica fan and like my rock hard and loud. And I love twangy, brooding, folksy alt-country. I hate slow, love songs and ballads. Oh and I love playing Guitar Hero, the rock songs, not the pop crap.
- I watch boy movies. In the past two or three years, I've only seen Superhero movies and epics like LOTR and Harry Potter. Seriously. Recently, I was invited to see Ghosts of Girlfriends Past, but I chose to go to Watchmen instead. I hate rom-com or rom-dramas and much prefer action, and men in tights who can fly and blow up stuff.
- I read boy books. Recently, all I've really read is depressing Douglas Coupland, National Geographic, war bios and Lost boy/child soldier stuff out of Africa. I hate hate hate romance and anything from Oprah's Book Club. Shopaholic, gag.
- I'm anti-girl. I'm not fashionable: I don't buy clothes or bother much with streaking my hair or make up or spa treatments. I don't scrapbook or do yoga (I'm anti-Lu Lu Lemon too), nor do I like flowers or 'pink' anything. I'm not one for hugging, or changing the tone of my voice to become a high pitched annoying mouse. I dislike babies and shopping. I do not own a brand name handbag, and I don't wear skirts or dresses or shorts or high heels or strappy sandals or jewelry. I don't cry (ever, if I can help it). I'm fiercely independent, as in I can open my own damn jars and can change my own light bulbs. I'm not scared of bugs (good grief, ask me about my UK bug stories!). Basically, my heart is made of ice and stone.
Similar to brainyjane22, I can counteract some of these boy traits though:
- I do watch some girly TV. I love Top Model, both the American and Canadian version. Why? I hate fashionable materialism and 'pretty', and am not either. So why do I watch these stupid models show? I do like watching those skinny bitches fight, and it warms my heart to see not-so-pretty girls get made over into gorgeous angels. I watch Project Runway too, which is also hypocritical because I hate fashion. And even though I hate weddings and marriage and love, I watch Say Yes to The Dress, this stupid wedding dress show. Why? I have no idea. I will never ever wear a white dress. So really maybe all these shows are just a reaction to my rebelliousness?
- I have a soft spot for boy bands like NKOTB and the Backstreet Boys. Seriously, I've been to concerts and everything.
- One of my favourite films is Amelie. That's not very boy like. Plus it's got subtitles.
- I do read tons of 'librarian' literature, books about books, that sort of stuff. My favourite books recently were Jasper Fforde's Thursday Next series about a female FBI/librarian type who battles book characters. Oh wait, that's also violent crime drama stuff...
- Ok, I admit snakes are icky and I'd choose a cat over a dog any day. Plus I've a soft spot for Bath and Body Works lotion and soap, and recently discovered Sephora. It bothers me when my jeans get greasy after cycling and I have two stuffed animals in my car.
Wait...maybe I'm not turning into a boy! This is all about society projecting it's stereotypical crap on our lives! I'm allowed to be anti-girly, after all, I do live in a free country. What's wrong with being unique (or an odd duck)? So I'm not becoming a boy - I'm just becoming more of a geek!
That I can live with...
(Play the Boys vs. Girls game, or read the webcomic)
Now back to Deadliest Warrior...


  1. If it makes you feel better many of your points fit me as well (I abore the Rom Com...although I do love the first Miss Congeniality) except I like nice clothes and am willing to pay for it, but I don't do my nails or ware makeup and my toes still have mostly scratched off nail polish from February. You can probably also add your lack of need of "proper" toilet facilities to your list--which I am also less than grossed out by.

  2. Oh good, it's not just me then...


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