Bike Commute: Testing Part I

I'm serious about this whole 'bicycle commuter' idea. I honestly think I can bike from my house to the court house downtown, once a week, for one of my part-time jobs. No kidding.
According to mapmyride, my commute is about 12 km. I think of it as a commute with two parts: Part I consists of the 6.5km from my house to the major intersection at Yellowhead freeway and 97 St, and Part II consists of the straightaway from the major intersection at Yellowhead and 97 St to the court house downtown (97 St and 104 Ave).
Today I test rode Part I. It took my about 30mins to cycle the 6.5km route. It's the easiest part of the whole trip, consisting mostly of designated cycling sidewalks/pathways and minor residential or service roads. I thoroughly enjoyed the entire trip! It's flat, and not too difficult, with few major intersections. After an hour there and back, I could've kept going. 
So I'm really liking the biking thing. I enjoy it 100x more than running (which I half heartedly took up a year ago, I'm still on the 3-on/2-off routine and I hate it, I really hate running on the stupid treadmill in the basement...), so that leads me to believe there are other ways of staying fit and healthy. Could this be the beginning of a new hobby???