Bike Commute: Links

Here are some local links I've been reading in order to prepare for this whole bike commute thing:
Edmonton Bicycle Commuters - A great local group, this site has a lot of links, plus describes all their project and what they do. I have a few friends involved with EBC, and I've heard they've got a great shop with all the necessary tools for working on bikes. They are a really friendly group of people, a great community to get involved with.
City of Edmonton Cycling Guide - There's tons of info on this municipal gov't website, including laws, safety concerns, links with transit, and the city's cycling map.
Edmonton Bicycle and Touring Club Safety pages - Though it's an old school website, I learned a lot about bike safety from this website.
Bikeology Festival - Cool name for local bike festival that takes place in June, sounds interesting.
Bike Route Blockers - This blog posts photos of how disrespectful local traffic and drivers can be. Run by EBC, they've also got a lot of great links, especially regarding contacting local authorities etc.
Other links:
Bike to Work Book - Free for downloading (the first 50pages at least), this book does have some interesting info, especially about why bike commutes are a good idea and it dispells some common myths.
MapMyRide - This is what I've been using to map my route(s). The map function is pretty good, and I've found it helpful for finding distances.
Commute By Bike Beginner Tips - These links to 10 different newbie articles was really helpful.
Paul Dorn's Bike Commuting Tips - There's tons of tips on this site, including safety, equipment, and loads of links.
REI Cycling Advice - Tip pages on everything you'd ever need to know about cycling and commuting.
Have I missed anything?


  1. There also used to be a group called "Dirt Girls" in Edmonton. It's a group for girls who are interested in mountain biking--so it's not exactly commuter biking, but it's a girl group and they've got groups for all skill levels. I think they used to go out on rides every Wed night from the MEC parking lot. I only went once. It was hard. And I don't have a mountain bike.


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