Bike Commute: Goal Accomplished!

Well, I did it. I rode to work yesterday. I didn't get mugged, or hit by a car, or rained on. My hair didn't look much worse than normal after being under a helmet, although I failed to take into consideration the what wearing a backpack would do for my sweatiness, so next time I'll bring another shirt to change into. I forgot to pack deodorant too. No one stole my bike. I saw a dead jackrabbit and deer leg (?) on the road. I've realized all underpasses smell the same (and that's not a good thing!). I think I need to get fenders in the future, to deal with those pesky puddles. Oh, and definitely a pair of gloves too. A nice lady walking her dog said 'thank you' after I warned her of my approach with my bell. Nice drivers stopped at crosswalks, but apparently no one in this city knows how to use a signal light. I think I inspired a co-worker. Overall, I enjoyed it.
So now I'm thinking I can make it all the way to the university, as it's only an extra 5km (16.5km in total, so an hour and a half). The things I'll do to save $5 and lose 10lbs! 
I think this will be the last 'Bike Commute' post of the week. Did you enjoy the theme? I suppose if I ever tackle the university I'll write about that at some point, or maybe if something interesting happens over the summer while I'm riding. Thanks for the advice, now get off your computer and go get some exercise outside!
(photo here)