Bike Commute: Gear

And so the saga of my bike commute continues. I think I'll make it a week of themed posts! 
Getting into cycling of course requires acquiring some gear. 
What I've got:
Bike - I've got an old Canadian Tire mountain bike that might've cost $150 fifteen years ago. I only rode it off and on for the first few years, but it's been sitting in a shed ever since. It's a bit rusty, but seems to work alright. I wont be too upset if someone steals it, and if I do indeed keep up this 'hobby' I'll buy a road bike later.
Helmet - I've been wearing a black Bell Impulse, which is quite comfortable, even though it makes me look like a mushroom. In hindsight, perhaps I should've gotten a more colourful one, but I'll find some reflective stickers to put on it.
Stainless Steel Waterbottle - I'm not using my nice Klean Kanteen, but a cheap Walmart bottle, that's already scratched up. I think it needs some stickers though!
Backpack - I've got lot's of bags, but it remains to be seen if wearing a backpack annoys me.
White front turtle light
Red Back turtle light
What I need:
Gloves - yeah, after only a few rides I can see the need for cycling gloves.
Jacket - I've got loads of usable jackets and sweaters, but and thinking about getting a colourful water resistant cycling jacket from MEC. The black one is quite smart looking, but maybe yellow is the way to go?
Reflective Stickers - I don't intend to ride at night, but maybe a couple reflective stickers will be beneficial.
Ankle Straps - These will solve the problem of dirty pant cuffs.
And then there's the whole issue of fenders, racks and panniers, which I'll leave for another day!
What else do I need? Any suggestions?


  1. I think you've listed most of what you need. If your chain is rusty I can lend you some cleaning equipement. You might want to pick a small portable tire pump and a tire patch kit, which you can pick up at Canadian Tire or MEC for cheep (<$5 each). You can get non-fancy bike gloves from MEC too (mine are cushioned around the heel of the hand). If you want really pretty ones you'll have to go to bike store. As for a jacket I would recommend geting something breathable. I've got a waterproof one that traps all of my sweat inside the jacket--and so I rarely use it. Make sure to get one with pitzips or some sort of flap system to increase airflow.

  2. I think at this point I'm opting for cell phone and family pick-ups rather than pumps and tubes. I'm definitely going to get some gloves though, and some sort of jacket (?). I do love Mec trips!


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