Why I Watch Curling

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No, this is not the reason I watch curling. I am not that shallow. Buy me dinner and I'll talk your ear off for an hour about why I watch curling.
I do agree though that women watch sports because of the good looking men. Would David Beckham (for the record I do not think he's good looking) be as popular if he looked differently? Will the Oilers sell less tickets when Souray gets traded (notice the when, not if)? Why are there so many 'Buckle Bunnies' and 'Puck Bunnies' and 'Broom Bunnies' (I made up the last one, not a bad idea though, maybe I'll dye my hair blonde)?
I found a couple articles about this (but can't give you the links because they were in the UofA's database system and you'd only be able to read them if you had a password) but here are the abstracts:
"Sexual selection theory argues that females invest more heavily in reproduction than males and thus tend to be choosier in terms of mate choice. Sport may provide a context within which females can gain information about male quality to inform this choice. Males may be able to display attractive traits such as athleticism, strength, and physique to females while participating in sport. We predicted that females would favor males that participated in team sports over individual sports and non-athletes because team sport athletes may be more likely to display qualities such as the ability to work well with others and role acceptance. We used a questionnaire, a photograph, and manipulated descriptions to gauge the effects of sport involvement, attractiveness, and status on 282 females' willingness to participate in various types of relationships. Team sport athletes were perceived as being more desirable as potential mates than individual sport athletes and non-athletes. It is suggested that team sport athletes may have traits associated with good parenting such as cooperation, likeability, and role acceptance, and/or these athletes may be better able to assert dominance in a team setting."
Schulte-Hostedde, Albrecht I., Eys, Mark A., and Krista Johnson. "Female Mate Choice is Influenced by Male Sport Participation." Evolutionary Psychology 6, no. 1 (January 2008): 113-124. Academic Search Complete, EBSCOhost (accessed April 8, 2009).
"Athleticism is sexually attractive, indicating that it may serve as a sign of heritable fitness. We hypothesized that just as some sports may more honestly signal fitness than other sports, some positions within team sports may more honestly signal fitness than other positions, because success in such positions depends more strongly on traits associated with heritable fitness (e.g., agility, spontaneity, creativity). We conducted two studies in which women rated facial photographs of male soccer players and ice hockey players, and we found that the faces of goalkeepers/goalies and strikers/forwards were rated to be more attractive than the faces of their team mates. These results suggest that heritable fitness may influence athletes’ choice of (or assignment to) positions..."
Park, Justin H., Abraham P. Buunk, and Martijn B. Wieling. 2007. "Does the face reveal athletic flair? Positions in team sports and facial attractiveness." Personality & Individual Differences 43, no. 7: 1960-1965. Academic Search Complete, EBSCOhost (accessed April 8, 2009).
Interesting, eh?
For the record, my Ford World Curling Hotties are #10 and 7, David Murdoch and Thomas Ulsrud, but you already know that because you are a regular reader of this blog, right?