Library School Explained

It's the last week of my first year of school. What have I just spent the last year doing? 
This guy has got library school explained to a tee. That's how it is.
Minus the London, ON references of course.
The link is via Headtale, who also has a great explanation about library school.
Next time someone asks me what library school is like, I'm sending them to these posts. No we do not play with Dewey decimal numbers all day. It's freakin' hard and freakin' stressful and I wish it was finished. At least year one is almost over. One more to go...


  1. Congrats on making it through the first year without having a breakdown! :D

  2. Well, um, there was this one day at the start of March.. but I'm ok now, honest!

    And more importantly - finished my term papers!!!

  3. Thanks for the link...and good luck to you during the second half of your degree!

    Warren (thebookpile)

  4. Hmmm...I'm not sure how I feel about my first year except I'm really glad it's over...And I kinda agree with what was said about London. The only reason I ever went there is to go the malls. :)


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