Curling Time, Again

It's one of my favourite times of year.
No, not the end of term (although yes, the end of term, three more days until freedom).
It's time for the World Men's Curling Championship!! It's in Moncton this year, and should be a good one (if the players can figure out the poor ice, or if the ice gets better, ditto). Edmonton's Kevin Martin should take it, but that's not a given (take for example, how the Canadian women ended up 4th at their worlds). The world has caught onto curling (and training in Canada with Canadian coaches), so the field is pretty stellar this year.
My picks? Canada's Kevin Martin (above) of course. Hands down, no contest. Trouncings all around.
But failing that, how about Scotland's David Murdoch (below, left), who not only is a good curling, but is also good looking, and has a fantastic accent as well. Or how about Norway's Thomas Ulsrud (below, right), ditto on the good qualities. 
It's all on TSN, so quit watching hockey because the Oil ain't going to the playoff anyways, and take up curling for the next week!
Thanks to The Scottish Curler for the pics (yay, they've been saved!).