Curling - The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

To continue this series of 'sports' posts, I now present to you 'The Good, The Bad and The Ugly' of this weekend's curling news.
The Good: Team Kevin Koe has directly qualified for the Olympic Trials, joining Teams Glenn Howard and Kevin Martin (more teams have yet to qualify, Al Cameron will explain how it's working here). Yay! That's fabulous news as they're one of my most favourite teams, plus I'm volunteering for the trials, so maybe I'll get to meet them!! Tee hee.
The Bad: What is up with Kevin Martin at the World Men's Curling Championships?? They've lost two in a row to Scotland, and they weren't even good losses. I do love Scotland and want to be watching a Can/Scot final tomorrow, but really - two in a row is now acceptable for the Martin team. It's a must win game against Switzerland this afternoon - well right now really - Canada is up 2-1 for the moment.
and The Ugly: This was spotted at the World's in Moncton. Seriously, no idea what's up with this.