It's Brier Time!!

In my honest opinion, the men's national curling championship is the best competition of the season. It's in Calgary this year. Yep, four hours away. And I can't go. I'm crushed really. So close, yet so far. I've got way too much homework, plus couldn't get any time off work, plus am coming down with that cold/flu thing that's going around (let's hope it's more cold and less flu, I don't have any time to get sick either).
TSN has exclusive coverage, and all the draws are on tv. Too bad I'm too busy to watch much on tv. They also have video-on-demand available, uploaded immediately after the tv coverage is finished. And Curlcast has live scoring. So at least I'll be able to catch a bit of the action.
Still, I'm sad I'm four hours away and missing all the fun. Honestly, I do like watching curling on tv better than live - mostly because they mike the players and you get to hear what they're saying, plus the overhead camera shots of the house are better than guessing from wherever you happen to be sitting. The only thing I'm sad about missing is being able to watch four games at once.
I wont have to wait too long for that though: the Roar of the Rings Olympic Trials are in Edmonton in December. I tried to volunteer, but they only needed bartenders. Bother. Guess I'll have to sit in the crowd all week instead! (But I really would've loved a jacket...)