How To Stay Awake In Class...

1. Bring your laptop.
2. Get caught up on your emails/facebook/RSS feeds.
3. Watch curling with your neighbour, live from (Howard v. Howard, like I'm going to miss that. It was amazing, even on mute.).
4. Pass/write notes with your neighbour.
5. Take notes on lecture (half heartedly).
6. Write a blog post.
= a very satisfying morning at school (for once).
(For the record, this is not a typical occurrence during class. I only watched curling because it was a game-not-to-be-missed. And we had a guest speaker who doesn't relate to my area of interest. I promise, these events will never happen again. I am, afterall, a keen librarian.)


  1. But did you learn anything, or is that irrelevant?

  2. Um, irrelevant? Or at least secondary, there was curling on! I've got priorities, ha ha.


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