Finally Some Good (Curling) News!

Let's make it a trilogy of curling posts (so feel free to stop reading here)...

I am so excited!!

Wait back up...

Ok, so if you're a loyal reader, you'll know that I really like curling (obsessed much?). Well, in December, Edmonton is getting the Roar of the Rings Olympic Trials, which is going to be a HUGE event. I really wanted to volunteer (as I lamented about here). I figured I'd have the time since it starts right after my school term is finished, and that would probably be my last year of being a student (oh please say that will be my last year of being a student) and having flexible free time. Let's be honest, besides the fantastic experience it would be, and all the cool people (and famous curlers?) I'd get to meet, I'm also in it for the curling jacket. I've always wanted a jacket.

Anyways, since curling is huge in Alberta and we just hosted a major competition in 2007 (Worlds, won by Howard. It was awesome) they have a really large pool of dedicated volunteers. Once they tallied up the numbers, it turns out they only needed bartenders. Ug, I don't drink, or even really agree with it in principle so why would I want to be a bartender?

But, I was talking to one of the coaches from our club at curling last night and he told me to just apply. Apparently the experience is just too good to pass up, and he mentioned I'd probably only sell beer tickets so what would be the big deal (sell a few beer tickets, watch a bit of world class curling, get a jacket). So I signed up.

And today I got a call saying I'm in!!! And not as a a stock merchandizer!!! Yep, I'll be pulling t-shirts out of boxes, hanging them up and catering to the whim of the cash spending public.

But I get a jacket.

I'm so excited! December is going to rock!