Field Trip: UofA Press

Every week, I enjoy my Publishing class more and more. It's intensely interesting and I'm learning a lot about a 'different' area of the book world, other than libraries. It's the only class I enjoy going to (as opposed to the other two, one of which is confusing and bewildering, the other useful but terrifying in its own way).
Today we went to the University of Alberta Press, where the staff regaled us with what they do, how they do it, and the challenges they face. The University of Alberta Press publishes scholarly books and books for general readers, including nonfiction, textbooks, fiction, and poetry. They strive to publish authors from the Edmonton area and prairies in general, but also publish works from and about Canada, and around the world. Very interesting.
One thing I've taken away from this class: STOP SHOPPING AT CHAPTERS/INDIGO/AMAZON. They're killing the book industry. Buy from your local independent bookstore instead.