Ending The Season With A Bang

It was a good night of curling tonight (and I'm not talking about the Brier, although AB and ON are doing really well)- it was our last game of the season. Since October, 'Team Laurie' (previously known as 'Team Andy', until poor Andy had a heart attack and took the rest of his career off) has been tied for dead last in the league. The Beginners League. Dead last. That's us! Until the playoffs, we'd won three games all season, one was legit (when Andy was still playing), the other two we only won because the other team never showed up. Seriously. We suck.
Until two weeks ago, that's when we actually all played half decent and won our first playoff game. Tonight we all played half decent, but lost.
Who cares though! We will not finish our first season dead last. Nope. 'Team Laurie' finished 6th (of 8).
It was a good night.