Terrific Trilogy Meter

I spent an entire day watching the Lord of the Rings extended editions with some friends last week. So when I saw this Trilogy Meter I knew I had to showcase it's brilliant-ness on my humble blog! I actually liked the third X-Men and Jurassic Park, though of course not better than the originals. And as far as LOTR goes, my order of merit is 1-3-2. This graphic also showed me how out of touch with movies I am, as I've seen barely any of these pop culture classics. I'm a TV kinda girl.


  1. Ack! The third X-men was *terrible* I was so disapointed. I spent an entire phone call to Andrew (who was in Germany at the time) ranting about it. He's never even seen it and his at least a moderate superhero geek. I don't like LOTR (and yes, this opinion gets me slack everywhere I care to share it), but I love Back to the Future, so I'm glad to see it was rated fairly well :)

  2. You don't like LOTR?? That's my fav!


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