Rambling About Teaching In England

Today I gave my second ever 'lecture' to a group of university students. Attempt #1 was a library instruction session which I co-taught with a classmate. Attempt #2 was all me though. For some strange reason, I volunteered to give a lecture for the UofA's Education Student's Association about teaching in England. You're asking your self at this very moment "Why would she volunteer to do that? She hated teaching in England!"
Um. True. I am, however, uber helpful and love sharing my knowledge with others (hence this blog). I wanted to tell others about all the things I wish I knew before I left. I tried really hard to leave out the whole Bob the Ulcer and depression thing though. I'm not sure how well I did at the whole 'being unbiased' thing though. 
Maybe someone learned something that will help them in the future. Maybe someone decided to seriously consider teaching in England. Maybe someone decided teaching isn't such a good idea and is now rethinking their career path. If any or all of these maybes occurred because of my talk, then I guess I succeeded.
If you're curious (forgive the formating errors, they totally annoy me but are only a result of the reformatting from the upload process):


  1. Looks great, did you enjoy doing it? It's nice to share your experiences, and I hate to remind you but I think you actually did enjoy some of it.

  2. Yeah, I enjoyed it. I do love to ramble on an on about my life, and don't get to do it very often!

    And yeah, it was the best of times, it was the worst of times, and sometimes I miss it!


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