Provincial Curling Champs

Warning: Curling post ahead
I had a fantastic weekend! I drove out to the Saskatchewan border to see my cousin in Lloydminster. We gossiped and shopped and ate Valentines day chocolates and played video games with some of her friends. Good times.
Sunday, we got up way too early and headed west to Wainwright. Why go to Wainwright? Curling of course!! The event was the 2009 Men's Provincials, and in Alberta the level of competition at provincials is just as good as nationals, in my opinion anyways. I went to the provincial's last year and really enjoyed it. The people are super friendly, the competition excellent, you're really close to all the action and tickets are cheap. Couldn't ask for much more, eh?
At first, I was really disappointed because one of my favourite teams, Team Koe, didn't make it to Sunday's semifinal. Technically they should be third in Alberta. I was chatting to an older lady sitting in front of us and asked what happened to Team Koe - she made a face and said "They weren't playing very aggressive." So sad. I was really hoping to meet Nolan Thiessen (My condolences on your loses. Can I buy you dinner?). Anyways, I kinda got over my disappointment during the Pahl-Ferbey semifinal. Team Pahl played really well, and almost beat Ferbey. I guess if they're that good, it's not totally insulting that they took out Koe. 
We did see a famous curler at lunch though - Cathy King was at Boston Pizza! 
Before the Martin-Ferbey final, my cousin said "I hope it's a close game.", to which I replied "Nope, I want a trouncing." And it was. Martin demolished Ferbey. It was embarrassing really, and I'm a huge Martin fan, but I still felt sorry for the Ferbey boys. Team Martin was on fire! 
My cousin and I really enjoyed the games. We drove up to Vermillion for dinner at my aunt's and then I headed back to Etown. I had a fantastic weekend in east-central Alberta. Great company, great curling. Who can ask for anything more? Next year the provincials are in Olds. That's kinda far, but it would be a shame to miss it. Maybe next year I'll finally get to see Team Koe in action...


  1. So what was the score? And it was a trouncing, did they plan to the 10th end?

  2. It was 7-3, though I think Martin gave up the last two points to cushion Ferbey's falling pride, so really it should've been 9-1. And they shook after the 8th.


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