Making Money Off Love

V-Day is just around the corner. I think it's a stupid excuse for greeting card companies, florists and chocolatiers to make money. 
"Valentine’s Day is traditionally known as a day for lovers, but from a commercial standpoint it is one of the most lucrative holidays for businesses. There are four major holidays in the shopping calendar: Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Easter and Halloween. Valentine’s Day is celebrated by 84% of Canadians and of those, 60.9% spent an average of $100.89 per person on a gift for their significant other in 2006. In 2007 this is expected to go down to $97.27. 43% of those celebrating will buy a gift for other family and friends. The average Canadian male will spend $135.67, while females will spend only $68.64."
Waste of money. If you choose to participate, at least go for an eco-friendly option or a gift of your time. All I want is for someone to write my papers for me, that's free!