Icy Light Pillars

National Geographic (which I apparently post a lot about?) had an interesting article on the recent occurrences of 'light pillars'. They're quite common in polar regions, but have been spotted further south due to the freezing cold conditions we've been having lately!
Light pillars are not Northern Lights. They're just the refraction of natural light bouncing off ice crystals.
I actually saw this phenomenon on February 15th, as I was driving back to Edmonton on the highway. It was foggy and freezing and really icy, like it was snowing ice (if that makes any sense). I kept seeing these tall pillars of white light and thought I was coming up to a town or some sort of street light, but the highway was dark and there weren't any towns on that particular stretch of road. It took me awhile to figure out the pillars of light were from the headlights of the other cars coming towards me. It was strange. Seriously, the light pillars stretched all the way up into the sky! It looked like this:
Very cool.