All Talk, No Action

Today was SLIS PD day (too many acronyms for you? Let's rename today 'library school professional development day'). I learned stuffed about current library research.
I also learned something about life.
I had just gone through the lunch line and was standing at the end, scooping hummus onto pita wedges. When I looked back, their was no one immediately behind me. Everyone was at the start of the buffet, or in a long line stretching down the corridor. I looked at my classmate who happened to also be spooning hummus onto his pita wedges and commented about the blockage. He also wondered why the line wasn't moving. I suggested it was because people were talking a long time using the little tongs to pick up individual carrots and pickles. He agreed. I would've left it at that and walked back to my seat to eat.
He, however, put down his plate and said "I think I'll move the pickles to this end of the table That ought to let the line flow more freely." And he did it, just like that.
Why am I telling you this story? At that moment I felt like a bystander, like the whiny cynic I am. He looked at the situation and formulated a solution, which he promptly carried out. I was all talk, no action, whereas he was helpful. 
Proactivity - 1, Lisa - 0
I'll do better next time, promise. Will you?


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