I stole this quote from a classmate, who stole it from another classmate's facebook notes. It's a gooder.
"There's a reason why thousands of twenty- and thirtysomethings enter graduate school each year: they have nowhere else to go. If these people had spouses – or even marginally well-functioning relationships – they wouldn’t pack up their ashtrays and candlesticks and head off to places like Iowa and Buffalo and North Carolina to go into obscene debt to learn a skill that is, to the world of moneymaking people, obsolete. These people aren’t interested in learning how to write literary fiction or quantify the importance of fish oil in second-century Middle Eastern society. They just want someone to love them.
Yes, grad students may sound a little desperate for attention, but there’s an upside: They’re smart. No stupid genes will pollute the water on which your family tree feeds. All you have to do is convince them that the master’s degree in international studies they just earned is the perfect foundation on which to build a career in high finance. Grads students are also desperate. They spend most of their time in libraries and computer labs. Ask one of them to grab a drink with you, and it will be the highlight of their week. And if you’re looking for a low maintenance relationship, these are your people. They’re so wrapped up in their studies, they won’t have time to go out more than once a week, much less make a personal project out of trying to change every single thing about you. They already have a personal project. It’s called a thesis."
~ Holloway, D and Robinson, D. "Dating Makes You Want to Die: But You Have to do it Anyway."HarperCollins, New York: 2008
I'm in grad school because I needed a career change. And yes, I do just want someone to love me (I'm cat-less at the moment - and yes you may interpret that in a number of ways. I'm honest and have no tact, remember?). 
And as a bonus, if you're a grad student like me, you get to spend an entire Sunday putting together a presentation about the historical development of the fax machine. That's what I pay big bucks in tuition for. 


  1. I've heard recently that recession is great for grad-school enrollment (i.e. there aren't any jobs our there so why not stay in school?). Of course that then means that there may not be enough jobs when we all graduate...but lets no think about that.


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