The State of the Canadian Publishing Industry

Linda Goyette, an author and former columnist for the Edmonton Journal (who said it herself, she really needs to get a website!) gave a talk to my publishing class today on the pathetic state of the publishing industry in Canada. It was shocking really. Her thoughts included:
- yes, the big box 'Chindigo' stores are ruining the careers of local and new writers.

- you can't make a living writing in Canada, unless you're a big name (writers only get 9% of the profits, publishers 30% and booksellers 60%).
It was pretty sad. She passionately appealed to us, as future librarians, to help writers when we're in charge. This includes promoting Writer-In-Residence and Writer-In-Exile programs, as well as supporting small, independent and/or local publishers, booksellers and authors.
What can you do? Stop going to Chapters or Indigo, visit your independent bookseller (Audrey's or Greenwood's here in Etown) and support your local library!!!
A list of books on this topic can be found at LibrarianActivist's site.