Social Media and Me

Thanks once again to iLibrarian for posting a great link to an article: 10 Ways Social Media Will Change in 2009.
I have to say, while in the beginning I loved all the cool social media stuff out there, the novelty has worn off and I quite dislike most aspects now.
What do I use/not use and why...
- Facebook: has it's purposes yes (I love the event and messaging aspect, plus it's nice to know when people's birthdays are), but is way to full of drama. There are too many applications (that mostly suck), too many groups (that mostly don't have any traffic or discussion) and have I said yet it's way to full of draw-ma? I'd delete it, but like all of the librarians are on it - thus forcing me to learn how to network.
- delicious, LibraryThing: I have no use for the social tagging aspect, I use these services simply to archive my own stuff (thereby defeating the purpose).
- blogs: love it, though I mostly use it to, once again, archive my own stuf (stuff being the contents of my head at any given moment). I read TONS of blogs, but comment infrequently (thereby defeating a purpose).
- Youtube: love it, A#1 time waster.
- Photo sharing sites: I've not got one of my own (lie - I use photobucket to put slideshows on my travel blog, only because it came before flickr so if anyone knows how to export from pb to flickr without messing up all the hard work I put into my travel blog, let me know) but I'm thinking of starting a 'photo-a-day' project (like I have time??). Oh, and I love stealing pictures for my blog (I really need to stop that!).
- Twitter: I do love following status updates on fb, but even I have better things to do than get obsessed with Twitter (though I reckon that would be a likely possiblity if I had time).
- Virtual worlds: um, no.
That's it I think. Let's recap: I use a few things and love them. I don't use others and hate them, but if I had the time I would most likely get into them (sometimes I'm a sheep, even though I'd rather be a salmon). I agree social media is immensely popular and quite necessary in today's world.
How much is too much? When do you stop?
Sometimes I just wish I could talk to a real person...