Pesky Plastic Bags

There's no curling on tv this weekend, so the theme for the next couple posts is going to be my second favourite topic - going green.
Today's issue: plastic bags.
I don't use plastic bags anymore. I carry a small fold up reusable bag in my purse (cue funny look from cashier). I keep cloth grocery bags in my glove compartment (cue annoying self checkout machine "over weight" message). I haven't 'consumed' a plastice bag in months.
Check out this links for more about reducing your use of plastic bags:
- 'How To Reduce Plastic Usage' from One Green Generation.
- 'Paper or Plastic': which is better? A discussion from Treehugger.
- 'Bag Life Cycles' from 1 Bag At A Time. What type of bag takes longer to decompose? What type required the most energy to make? What type lasts longer? Very interesting.
- 'Battle of the Bag' from CBC Doc Zone shows places from around the world that have already banned plastic bags.
And where do you get those fancy reusable bags? Just Google 'reusable bag', check out specialty shops like Le Gnome, departments stores etc (I know Home Sense has them for cheap, but other shops charge up to $20!). Or make one from an old T-shirt (which I am totally going to do it I ever find time)! Plus, I totally want one of those...
Now you have no excuse for accumulating those pesky plastic bags!