No Luck With Noodles

My relationship with food is...complicated. I'm an emotional eater, though who the heck isn't? My appetite also depends on stress, time, laziness and life events. And since I travelled to Egypt in 2005, I've gone through long periods where nothing tastes good. Seriously, when I'm in one of those 'phases' for lack of a better word, I don't crave anything and only eat because that's what people do at certain times of the day. Oh, and of course I've got Bob the ulcer to feed. I think this all started in Egypt because all we ate was falafel, boiled eggs, jam and buns, and hummus and pitas. I also got really sea sick while crossing the Red Sea. That explain why I couldn't eat any of those things for about a year (this also happened with Cheerios a few months later after a nasty bought of jet lag).
Ever since, sometimes nothing tastes good. I even stop craving pizza and doughnuts! I'm in one of those funks now. The only thing I really want eat, and pretty much crave constantly, is Vietnamese Noodle Bowls.
I love Vietnamese Noodle Bowls (with spring rolls!). One of my favourite restaurants is this dive with a purple awning behind the Brick in Chinatown. I don't tend to go out for Vietnamese very often though, as not everyone shares my passion.
Tonight I tried to make 'bun' (as it's called) at home. I did ok, except for the sauce. A friend had made some inquiries and found out it was fish sauce and we bought some last time we were at T&T. I searched around though and found out that the sauce consists of more than just fish sauce.
I'm too lazy at the moment to follow a recipe with fancy ingredients, so I substituted apple cider vinegar for the lemon/lime sauce - which was a bad idea. I then added tons of sugar (brown, because we had no white). Yeah. It wasn't the same.
I'm trying again tomorrow though...