Multi-tasking: Curling on TV and School Work??

This weekend is a busy one for me. I'm trying to fit in school work and Guitar Hero and church and curling and curling on TV. Whoo, it's going to be tough!!
This weekend's curling on TV is the TSN Casino Rama Skins Game. This morning, Randy Ferbey beat Kevin Martin, a shocker and a weird game at that. I think maybe the stones were possessed, or the ice at least. Anyways, Martin is #2 on my list so it was disappointing. TSN has great coverage here, as do Bob Weeks on Curling, The Curling News and CurlTV
Tonight's draw has created a bit of a buzz - Jennifer Jones vs. Glen Howard. Can the women keep up with the men? If you saw January 8ths Off the Record with the four skips, most think so, maybe. I don't. I think the men play more aggressively and definitely have the edge in terms of power. So we'll have to see what happens. Howard is #1 on my list, so hopefully the guys pull it off.
If you've never watched Skins before, check it out. It's a bit different, but exciting to watch once you figure out the rules!