Light Appreciation

I've been sitting in the dark for awhile. No, not metaphorically speaking (although, I guess that does apply to certain aspects of my life...anyways...). Something was wrong with my bedroom light, so every time I turned it on it would flicker, and then go out. Sometimes jiggling the bulb or unscrewing it and screwing it in again would work, but not all the time. And before you ask, it wasn't that the bulb had burned out (I changed it multiple times).
It's hard to write grad school papers in the dark (even with the tv/computer screen on).
Today my dad fixed it. What did he do? He turned off the power, took out a knife, and chipped away the layer of corrosion that had cemented itself on the contact points.
Who knew? Apparently you can even buy cleaning kits (for cars, but I reckon they'd work in the house too).
FYI: the longest burning light bulb has been burning for 108 years. It's located in a fire station in Livermore, California. You can even watch it on the bulbcam. It's true, because says so!
They sure don't make'em like they used to.