Curling Wrap Up: Shot of the Game

Did you watch curling like I suggested yesterday? What! You didn't! Too bad, you missed a wicked good final!! A Martin-Howard final promised to be good, they're the top two teams in Canada/the World right now, so who do you cheer for? It was a super close game, until team Martin began to unravel (well, Johnny Mo anyways). 
Let me set it up for you...7th end, Howard leads Martin 5-4 with the hammer. Howard has the last shot of the end - and it was freakin' amazing!! Shot of the game! What was going to be a Martin steal of 1 turned into a double take out and a Howard score of 3!!! That was it, they shook hands and Howard and co. humbly accepted the prize.
Gosh I wish I could find a video of that last shot, it was awesome. There's a great description of it here. Also, check out the official event article for the wrap up (and the photo above), including info about how this nice older gentleman won $10,000 in a draw to the button contest (so close to a million!).