Back To Teaching...

I co-taught (emphasis on the co, which was unfortunate for my past-life-teacher-ish-controlling-nature) my first library instruction class (or "How to do research and use the library" for those non-librarians in the audience).
It went ok.
Just ok though. I talk too fast. It's a weakness of mine that I am fully aware of, yet have no way of preventing when I'm nervous (it was my first class!). Perhaps I didn't explain certain things well enough, but I promise to do better next time. I might've done well enough to single-handedly teach the next one though (if there is a next one...).
It was kinda nice being back in the 'classroom'. Kinda, not really, so no, I wont be swapping my new career for my old career anytime soon. The whole area of library instruction might be something to pursue though.