Another Curling Weekend

It's the weekend, and that means there's curling on TV, and I will once again be mutli-tasking, which means homework while watching the action!!
This weekend's event is the BDO Canadian Men's Open, and they're already in the quarter finals. Team Koe have gotten knocked out already (boo!) but there's still Martin, Howard and the entire Winnipeg crew in the mix. Coverage is on CBC this afternoon and evening (web) and then the final goes tomorrow afternoon.
Bonus link: Macleans has a really interesting article on the evolution of training in the curling world. There's a discussion about drug testing in the sport, and about what the players do to keep in shape.
Um, so, anyone want to go watch the Brier final in Calgary March 15th? Or the Player's Championship final in Grande Prairie April 19th? I've never been to Grande Prairie...