Winter Light Festival, 2009

The website is up for Edmonton's new winter festival, Winter Light. It runs from January 8 to March 21, 2009 and includes various wintery themes events around the city. These include:
* Deep Freeze (Jan 10-11) - outdoorsy fun on 118 Ave
* Ice on Whyte (Jan 15-25) - an ice carving competition on Whyte Ave
* Snow Daze (Jan 30, Mar 6) - FREE skiing and sledding on the ski hills
* Amazing Snow Thing (Feb 6) - something about snow fort building
* Hearts of Fire (Feb 14) - community fires
* Silver Skate (Feb 20-22) - skating and stuff around town
* Star Parties (Feb 28, Mar 7) - star gazing at Elk Island and the observatories
* Snow Reels (Mar 1-4) - winter themed movies at the Metro Cinema
and much more, including something about lanterns...
It all sounds like good, wholesome family fun. I hope the whole thing is successful, as it would really help our 'festival city' image. Maybe people would stop whining about the weather (ain't nothing wrong with -25 if the roads are clear!).
If anyone wants to take in any of the fun, let me know, I'm game!