Why Do I Blog?

The Inspired Library School Student wrote a great post about why library students should blog for McGill's Library and Information Studies Student Association (MLISSA). His reasons for writing are:
1. Self promotion
2. Becoming part of a community
3. The opportunity to put your thoughts in writing.
It's a great post, and I agree wholeheartedly. It makes me think I should focus this blog on more library/library school stuff. I wont though (for now) because I like letting off steam about all sorts of stuff. This blog is part rant, part therapy, part promotion of...random stuff. For some reason, I think everyone should know about the cool things I come across. So, for better or for worse, it stays as is.
The MLISSA e-zine is a good idea. I wish our library school had one. I'd contribute. I'm actually regretting not joining in on more committees, not getting involved more. True, I have no free time, after school and two jobs, but maybe I'll fit in somewhere in the new term. Maybe I'll suggest starting a e-zine...or at least contribute to theirs?!


  1. I'm glad you enjoyed my article so much! The Marginal is a great opportunity for McGill library students, but unfortunately not many people are interested in participating; the editor had a lot of trouble finding enough people to contribute to this issue. I'm not totally sure whether The Marginal accepts submissions from non-McGill students, but you should definitely contact the editor if you're interested. The info is here: http://webpages.mcgill.ca/students/ssever1/web/editor.html

  2. I sent the editor an email, so maybe I'll be able to contribute in the future. It would be a great opportunity!


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