Tooth Trouble

Oh the ongoing drama of my wisdom tooth removal.
I actually felt ok yesterday. It hurt to eat, so I didn't do too much of that, which only aggravated Bob the Ulcer. I finally fell asleep about midnight, but woke up at 3:30am. I wasn't feeling too well, so I went to the kitchen, had a drink of water and took a Tylenol 3.
And then I woke up in the hallway with my parents buzzing around me. Apparently I fainted! Then I threw up. Then I fell asleep. Repeat (minus the fainting) three more times. I felt so sick, I really don't do well when I'm nauseous, and this was major pain. That was the worst I've felt in years.
I called my dentist this morning, and she figured it was the antibiotics, but I still needed to take them, as now I had a greater chance of infection. My mother, however, figures it was the Tylenol 3s. Just this past couple hours, I've felt almost human. Well, human enough to watch curling on the internet, haha.
I think it was the Tylenol 3s. No more of those for me! I don't think eating little and having an ulcer helped the situation. I also think one of my stitches has come loose, as the thread keeps gagging me and getting caught in food etc. At least my jaw doesn't really hurt, and there's no swelling or bruising. I did, however, manage to scrape skin off the top of my foot when I fainted, and I've got a huge bruise on my leg.
You win some, you lose some I guess. (Speaking of, Martin and Koe lost their first games, what's that about?? Thank goodness for's free Fridays...)


  1. Tylenol 3s did that to me too. Except I was getting a haircut and I freaked out the stylist by passing out. Pretty funny actually.

  2. Sam just had her wisdom teeth out as well. I saw her last night but she seemed to have got through it better than you! Hope all is well now.

  3. If only my ear would stop throbbing...


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