I Need Guitar Hero

I need Guitar Hero.
I'm a girl, so, really not that interested in (or good at) video games. Stereotype, yes. True, most definitely. I used to be really good at fencing on the first NES, and I kicked butt at Mario Cart for Nintendo 64 (but can't figure out the wheel for the Wii version). Other than that, I'm not that bothered about video games in general.
Enter Guitar Hero.
I love it. Love it. I previously blogged about how much I enjoyed Rockband, but have switched my allegiance back to Guitar Hero. It's more challenging.
The thing is, I'm pretty darn good at Guitar Hero. I love rockin' out. Mostly it's the social aspect of the game, but there's this geek part of me that wants to hide away in my house and practice practice practice until I can master that damn orange button. I'm a solid 90% medium, but am dying to try hard (not in front of people though, that would ruin my coolness, I am pretty good).
The problem is I don't have a Nintendo Wii (and yes, that would be my game console of choice, I wouldn't mind trying Wii Fit either). So that's $300 (if I could find one). Then I would have to buy Guitar Hero World Tour (no drums or anything, but that's still $100). Plus my TV is twenty years old so I would need a new TV, or I'd have to suck it up and play in the living room with the folks. Anyways, that's a good chunk of change.
And really, do I have time to indulge in my rockstar dreams? No. I'm in grad school. I work two jobs. I curl. I have somewhat of a social life. If I got Guitar Hero, I'd never leave the house.
Would the novelty wear off eventually? Should I forgo ownership and continue inviting myself over to other people's houses? I'm a guitar-hog though, it's like I revert to kindergarden and can't share. Maybe I need to find a nice, nerdy boyfriend who shares my obsession?
I spent sometime last night finding clones I could play on my macbook, but mostly they suck: Guitar Master, Molson Amped, Brazillian version, Guitar Hero Flash, and a list of various ones. There's this hand held Guitar Hero Carabiner thingy and if I tried hard enough I could probably get Tap Tap Revenge or the Guitar Hero app for my 1st generation iPod Touch. It's not the same though.
I need Guitar Hero. And, like, now, because Guitar Hero: Metallica comes out next spring (have you seen the song list!!!). I always like the metal songs anyways, and I'm a closet Metallica fan (Rexall 2008, best concert I've ever seen, beats Wembley 2007).
I feel like a fraud. I've blogged numerous times this Christmas about not buying materialistic crap.
But Guitar Hero...
I needs it. I wants it. My precious...
(xkcd comic)