Christmas In Not About Buying Stuff

It's December 1st. So I get to talk about Christmas for a minute. Notice how I waited until a sensible time, like December? I didn't bombard you with Christmas consumerism and energy sucking flashing lights in October like the rest of the country. 
Yes, I am a Scrooge. Well, not a complete Scrooge, I still like Christmas(ish). I just can't stand all the consumerism. Buy buy buy. More more more. Bigger brighter better. It bothers me. I spent four Christmas' in England (with other fantastic people who know the meaning of the season!), where they don't 'do' Christmas to the extent it's done in North America. Now, the whole thing is just psychotic and over the top and really, honestly, makes me incredibly uncomfortable.
It bothers me because I can see what it's become over here: people buying crap and getting all stressed out trying to out-do everyone else. 
So, in a similar spirit to my Buy Nothing Day post, I present to you an alternative:
Regardless of whether you are religious or not, we could all learn something from what they're trying to say. The whole premise behind Advent Conspiracy is four fold:
* Worship Fully - remember what Christmas is really about 
* Spend Less - buy one less gift this year
* Give More - of your time, to friends, family and community
* Love all
Join us Friday at 9pm at Metro Cinema for 'What Would Jesus Buy?', a film that's trying to stop the 'Shopacalypse' (the end of mankind from consumerism, over-consumption and the fires of eternal debt).
At least remember what Christmas is about.