Alternatives to Buying Stuff

I've been harping about consumerism at Christmas for awhile now, but just realized I have presented any solutions, so here are some links that you might find helpful:
* Buy Nothing Christmas - a great source for alternative gift suggestions and other resources to help you make Christmas what it should be.
* Consider giving a charity gift. There's tons of local or global charities that could use your help. Many publish gift catalogues where you can 'buy stuff' to support an initiative or buy a charity gift to give to someone who needs it more.
* Give a gift that gives back, check out the lists here for some ideas.
* Keep Edmonton Original - if you're going to shop, at least support local business'.
You don't have to give up shopping, just consider some alternatives, or at least buy one less gift for someone who doesn't need it - and give it to someone else who does instead. Share the love, that's my motto!


  1. Thanks for linking to my list of lists of gifts that give back! A lot of the ideas are things to buy, so I also wrote a post about giving the gift of time

  2. Thanks for posting these great alternatives!


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