Want to Own an Opossum?

I was asked an interesting reference question today at the university library (keep in mind, university, not public). 
A girl walked up to the desk and asked (seriously) if it was legal to own an opossum in Alberta. I dug around in the Alberta Wildlife Act and Alberta Wildlife Regulations (which was no walk in the park, as these are both legal/government documents and are thus written in gibberish). Opossum's are controlled animals in Alberta (banned in Ontario by the way, found that on google), and can only be possessed by those who are 'authorized'. To get authorized, you have to have an import permit. To obtain an import permit you have to write to the Minister of Sustainable Resources (Fish and Wildlife division) for approval. 
So we told the girl this and she very earnestly said she would apply to the Minister to try get an import permit. She real-ly wanted one for a pet (remember, this isn't some Joe Public, this is a university student). My colleague (who had done her own wiki-research) mentioned opossum's carry typhoid so it would be unlikely the Minister would give just anyone permits, likely those were reserved for zoos or research purposes. The girl, very seriously, said she would try to get a permit anyways.
We told her to bring it in when she got it. Crazy.
(And did you notice I picked a picture with snow? That's to honour the flakes that are falling outside right now.)


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