Stop Buying Crap You Don't Need

Saturday is International Buy Nothing Day. What is BND?? The point is to stop spending money on crap for one day, and think about what and how much we buy, and why. It's meant to draw attention to the social, economic, environmental and psychological effects of overconsumption. The whole point is to promote ecological and other responsible alternatives by making a statement:
- a personal life should not be just about making and spending money.
- a public culture should be diverse and open for many ideas and concerns, not dominated by pro-shopping messages.
- politics should be based on global peace and fairness, and true cost economics.
Check out their FAQs.
Coincidently, the journal ran an article titled "Lessons learned from a year long no-shopping experiment". It talked about a family from Calgary who bought nothing (except for food and essentials) for one year. They saved $16,000! You can read more about them on their blog, which is really well done. The article also mentions this blog, based out of San Francisco, which promotes compact living.
If you're local, there's a documentary being shown at the Metro Cinema (Citadel Theatre) called "What Would Jesus Buy?"which deals with the commercialization of Christmas - a religious holiday. Included is a Canadian short film titled Worker's of the World Relax, about slowing down, working less, and consuming less to create a more sustainable society). It's produced by Morgan Spurlock of Supersize Me fame. It's playing Dec. 4 at 7 and 9pm (details are here). I'm going at 9pm, so feel free to come keep us company.
And stop buying crap.