Please Obey The Signs...

So. Today I learned that the road in front of the club where I curl is a playground zone. Honestly officer, I didn't know that. I also learned that in Sherwood Park the photo radar guys drive black SUV's. Unfortunately, I've trained myself to look for white vans because that's what the Edmonton photo radar guys drive. Oops.
Yay me, I learned two new things today. I'll learn more in two weeks when I receive an early Christmas gift in the mail. Should be three figures. My dad reckons fines are doubled or tripled in playground zones but I couldn't find anything about that online. I did learn though that passing in a playground zone is worse that speeding in a playground zone, so I guess it coulda been worse. And my teammate also got flashed, which I find somewhat consoling.
I guess I learned 3 things today. Four if you count the ultimate lesson about obeying the law.