onecard + eplGO = more books that need to be read!

It's official: eplGO is finally up and running at the UofA. eplGo is a small satellite branch of the Edmonton Public Library, operating out of Cameron Library at the University of Alberta. They'll only be lending out bestsellers and popular fiction, but will also act as a holds pickup point for material from other EPL branches.
The best part: membership is free with a onecard!! All you need to do is register your UofA onecard and you're good to go.
This is just one more perk of being in grade 18, except I've already got 40 books piled up on my floor to read...


  1. At this very moment, if you type 'eplgo' into Google, you get the following top three hits:
    1. epl's website
    2. my blog
    3. UofA's library website.

    I beat out the university. That's so cool.


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