Good Things Come in 3s

I was going to write a post about 3 good things that have been announced in the news these past couple days, but then the world exploded again. I guess we could all use a boost though so here are my good news nuggets for the week:
Girl Guide Cookies: Starting this spring, they will retain the same great taste, but will contain 90% less trans fat!
Roar of the Rings: Kevin Martin and Jennifer Jones were in town to promote the Olympic Curling Trials, which will be held in Edmonton from December 6-13, 2009. Edmonton is a fantastic place to hold the trials, considering it's likely 4 of the 16 teams competing are Edmonton-based (Martin for sure, probably Ferby and Koe too on the men's side and Cathy King on the women's). I really want to volunteer but they're not accepting new applicants until February. Event passes go on sale Saturday.
The Rankin Family: They're coming back to Edmonton for a concert February 13, 2009!! How exciting, I haven't seen them since before they retired!
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