Finding and Organizing Old Stuff

Good ol' National Geographic comes through again with an interesting article:
"What may be the oldest known Hebrew text, found on a hilltop above the valley where David is said to have battled Goliath, could lend historical support to some Bible stories, archaeologists say. The 3,000-year-old pottery shard with five lines of text was found during excavations of the Elah Fortress, the oldest known biblical-period fortress, which dates to the tenth century B.C. It is the most important archaeological discovery in Israel since the Dead Sea Scrolls, according to lead researcher Yosef Garfinkel of the Hebrew University's Institute of Archaeology. His team believes the text may provide evidence for a real-life King David and his vast kingdom, the existence of which has been long doubted by scholars."
(and so on...)
This seems fairly appropriate since we had an archivist give a guest lecture today about archival work. The job is slightly different from working in libraries, but interesting nonetheless. 
And speaking of finding old stuff, apparently they've discovered a new pyramid in Egypt. So I'll leave you with one of my favourite pyramid memories...