Favourite Loud Noises

Random post alert.

I curled today (really, really, really poorly), and was reminded of one of my favourite sounds. So without further a-do (how do you spell that?) I present to you:

Lisa's Top 5 Favourite Loud/Low/Rumbling/Explosion Type Sounds

5. The echoing bang the internal door of the stairwell at the law courts makes when it shuts. Think of a metal door slamming in a concrete bunker.

4. In LOTR: Return of the King, when the the Witch King of Angmar sends out his army from Minas Morgul, and there's a silent pause and then the green light shoots up. Know what I mean? No? Turn up the volume at the 2 minute mark of this:

3. Curling rocks rolling down a sheet of ice (more rocks = better sound). They sound pretty good when they hit too.

2. The bass from the Broken Arrow soundtrack

1. The Mythbusters exploding cement truck. Once again, turn up your volume:

Honourable mention goes to the first minute of this.

And that completes today's strange trip into Lisa's head (or ears?). I think I need to get more sleep...

Or maybe I should start a sound series?

What are your favourite loud/low/rumbling/explosion type sounds?


  1. Aw, that part of LOTR is one of my faves - especially when you have a good sub woofer. It was awesome in the Odeon Leicester Square, it's never sounded as good since, sent shivers down my spine it did (all 5 times). Not sure if I have any favourite loud/low rumbling sounds. I quite like the bit in Pink Floyd's 'The Wall' where the wall comes down.


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