Creative Commons + Picnik

A coworker was showing us a great website for finding 'stuff' on the internet. Creative Commons brings together content that is copyright free, and thus available for anyone to use. From the search page, you can choose to do searches of Google, Yahoo, Flickr,, OWL Music, or spinxpress. We were looking for wallpapers for the computer desktops at work, and chose to search flickr. The really great thing is that people who choose to license their work under Creative Commons generally upload a variety of picture sizes, so you can download high resolution images to set as wallpapers. This would've saved me tons of work this weekend!
Another neat photo tool I've been using is picnik, an online photo editing site. I like it because you can do a whole range of edits to pictures (size, colour, effect and on and on) but you don't have to download any programs or software or sign up. All you do is upload a picture, edit it, and then save it. The site will store your photos, but that involves signing up. It's a really cute site too, pay attention to what it says when it's loading, so cute!
So after hunting down a pic on Creative Commons/Flickr, and editing the colours etc with picnik, here's my new wallpaper:
Bonus points if you know what it is...


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