Trouble on the Train

Today, for the first time in my entire life, the Edmonton train system was in chaos. Someone was hit, and the whole thing fell apart. I was delayed for 40 minutes. Everyone was hot and mad because no one knew what was going on.
It was just interesting for me to compare this experience to my London years, when stuff like this happened on the tube all the time. A major difference was that in London they would announce exactly what was going on, for example "body on the tracks", "someone jumped in front of the train", "leaves on the line" (stupidest excuse ever!). At least we knew what was happening and had some sympathy. It was routine to have mass chaos (like Blackout '03, good grief!)
It's also interesting to note that Edmonton has 1 line with 11 stops, while London has 11 lines with 268 stations. That's depressing (poor city planning actually). Someone has created a wicked 'fantasy Edmonton transit system'. It's so beautiful. Too bad it's only a dream. 
I miss the tube.
(And I promise this is the last time I will ever link to the trash that is the Edmonton Sun. Photos 1, 2)