Read In 2008

Today I went to my old elementary school to read to some classes as part of 'Read In 2008'. I loved my elementary school, and this isn't the first time I've found my way back. Plus, when I was a teacher, my favourite part of the day was the 15mins I read aloud to the kids. I miss that. 
Actually, I've found I miss being in a school. I don't miss being a teacher, but I miss the staffroom camaraderie and the kids, and especially reading to them. No, I'm not on the children's librarian route either, but am actually considering volunteering at my old school. Right, because I have the time. It would be worth it though.
'Read-In' week runs until Friday, so if you're in Edmonton it's not too late to take part. Visit your local library, offer to read at a school, or read with your family, because hey, it all counts!